Monday, September 11, 2006

Silver once more

I was going to start my test of theory today. Then I saw the plunge. And I went back through every article I could find to try and figure out why silver would drop just short of 10% over the weekend.

Ten percent.

The last time we saw an approximate 10% drop in a couple of days, the experts had been saying silver was in a small bubble and a correction was due. They'd been saying so for almost a week. The same goes for the time before that. And prior to that, well, it's been decades since silver dropped 10% over a fairly short time period - that is, less than a week.

The dollar didn't improve that much. There was no news to indicate a sudden glut of silver. Friday's decline was relatively steep but nothing like that - and it'd begun turning around before the weekend ended.

I am really and truly beginning to wonder if the conspiracy minded folk aren't right - that there's an active attempt to keep gold and silver prices suppressed for a while longer. If true, the response will be shocking. The least drastic kicks it up to around $15 over the next week and a half in a 'simple' correction with everyone trusting paper. A more radical explosion happens if there's a call to show the metal being shorted.

More study, but I think I'm going to buy some more metal.


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