Friday, September 01, 2006

Nuke Proliferation Rules

Over on Balloon Juice, someone gave Fester a Coin of Wisdom that he spent on a post. I'm stealing his rules - the RULES he recommends for the age of nuclear proliferation:

1) The builder is responsible for the entire life of a nuclear weapon (passing a bomb off to a 3rd party for detonation against Americans does not allow the first party to escape retaliation)

2) The US, and other major nuclear powers have the capability of conducting isotopic analysis and determining which reactor produced the weapon and thus establishing ownership of the weapon.

3) The US, UK, France, Russia and China are willing to extend their technical assistance to upgrade command and control abilities as well as other confidence building measures to the smaller nuclear powers to reduce the risk of accidental release.

Look, as I've said before the cat's out of the bag for nuclear proliferation. The question isn't who CAN build a bomb, it's who IS building one - and with Khan's little game it could be just about anyone these days. So we need to have rules based on controlling what's out there, not on preventing 'those other people' from getting them. I like these.


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