Sunday, July 30, 2006

A brief look at the middle east

Israel's losing. Sorry, but Billmon's got the right of it when he notes this is a political dance of 'small wars' - wars for political gain, and not the wars of extermination of which we in these United States seem enamored. The "winner" is the one who was doing best when the cease-fire is forced from above. And best is not least determined by comparing what is done against what was supposed to be done.

Israel, that vaunted powerhouse militarily, has withdrawn from the towns in which it was fighting.

For what it's worth, I don't see a ceasefire imposed soon. I think the Israelis need/want to get SOMETHING out of this - enough to get at least some of their terms, and appear to still have teeth. Because if a cease-fire is imposed tomorrow, they come out looking like, well, like everyone else in the middle east.

I expect the fighting will go on another week or so at least. And I expect Israel to try and do something to 'pull it out' - to once more make all jaws drop and have everyone acknowledge that this nation is one that is too dangerous to fully awaken its fury.

I just hope they keep it in Lebanon.


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