Friday, July 21, 2006

Republican Georgia?

Just food for thought.

If Tuesday had been November's election and all the splits were counted for a sole candidate of 'that' party, Georgia's statewide elected officials would be Democrats. See the numbers here.

Voters in Democratic primaries outnumbered Republicans in the statewide primary counts by about 6:5. Yep, this isn't just in the Governor race (where 13% of the Republican voters voted against Perdue) but in the "Big Deal in the Media" Lt Governor race. Reed and Cagle between them didn't pull as many votes as the four candidates for Democratic Lt Governor Nominee pulled.

I think it's worth a lifted eyebrow. It does cause a bit of disconnect with the 55-60% approval rating the present governor has in the polls.


Blogger Inigo_de_Montoya said...

Interesting numbers on the Georgia primary but it doesn't surprise me. Democratic "intensity" is a lot higher than the Republicans this year. Some Republicans feel betrayed, others are embarrassed to the point of sitting on their hands. Democrats--and a large fraction of Independents--on the other hand are furious and out for blood.

Much was made of the GOP holding on in the CA-50 special election. It took the GOP outspending a second-tier candidate by 2-1 and Democratic turnout was *still* 15 percent higher than Republican turnout...there simply weren't enough Democrats.

7/23/2006 3:00 AM  

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