Monday, June 19, 2006

Scooby Doo quotes

I'm seeing a lot of quotes out of context lately. Oh, it's been bad for a few years now, but the last few months have been almost insane. The problem is that if you simply say, "they're out of context" people respond with, "but they said it, didn't they?"

Yes, but...

I'm tired of explaining the but. Look, people, it was displayed in clear and simple terms what the problem with this sort of thing can be in a KID'S MOVIE. It's a critical plot point in the Scooby Doo sequel - the reporter snips and plays only Fred's sarcastic responses, and not the rest. If it's that simple and obvious, it's that simple and obvious.

From here, at least on these pages, I'll start calling these "Scooby Doo Quotes", or SDQs. Just so you know what I'm saying.


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