Monday, July 11, 2005

The Plame Game

I've mused off this blog in various emails about what this, that and the rest mean. But I'm trying to avoid wild-eyed speculation except as lesson points for here. So instead, a touch of reality - a message to both sides of this particular divide.

There is one relevant fact: The appointed investigator is still investigating, and he has not spoken in regard to the investigation's course. Everything - EVERY SINGLE WORD - out there at this time about who done what and what it means is speculation. There is not something, and there is not nothing. We're in a holding pattern and will continue to be doing so until Mr. Fitzgerald completes and reports.

I will bend slightly and state that based on what the appeals court justices wrote in their decisions regarding Cooper and Miller that there is something there - something that implies Mr. Fitzgerald will be bringing indictments against someone. But against whom and what the charges might be is, well, I've seen decently supported speculation from both sides. Note that the Justices' decisions indicate that the speculators saying there's nothing there are mistaken - I'm saying that the ones suspecting it's moved to (say) Wilson have provided as well-supported a case as those suspecting Libby.

But again - it's all gas. We'll get meat when Mr. Fitzgerald (who appears to take seriously the rules which include not leaking to the world at large) concludes his investigation.


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