Monday, December 13, 2004


Inevitably, I open with a bit of an intro. I'm an army veteran. I'm a librarian. I'm a father and husband. I play board games, wargames by preference. I'm a human being with all the complexities therein. Pigeon holes are for pigeons - I've never met a person whom, after getting to know them, I felt comfortable giving them a one- or two-word label -- they always seem to need a short list of exceptions.

I've decided to write this blog on whatever piques my interest. Most times this means you'll expect some things on libraries (usually United States public libraries, but there'll be a exceptions) and on current events, particularly those related to the US army and US politics. Sometimes, however, I'll write on whimsical thoughts that have crossed my mind. Often, for both serious and whimsical articles, I picture myself as meandering about the thoughts within my mind - thus the title. Feel free to meander about my mind with me.

I've been writing articles of one type or another for a while. I'll appear prolific for the next few days because I'm going to cheat - I think many (not all, not most) of the articles I've written deserve to be posted yet again.


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